Glaucoma, The Silent Thief Of Sight, By Dr. I.G. Nathan

Glaucoma has no symptoms in its early stages. That is why it is called the silent thief of sight. You don’t know it is there until it has caused a significant loss of vision. But people who have had the disease for a long time may experience head-aches/eye-aches, darkening vision, difficulty reading, even with glasses on, tunnel vision (as though they are looking through a straw) and finally, total loss of vision.


Diabetes And The Eye By Dr. Iyami Nathan

Diabetes is caused by an autoimmune disease which affects the islets of Langerhans (type 1) leading to little or no production of insulin (which helps in mopping up excess sugar in the bloodstream); or by the inability of insulin to do its job of mopping up excess insulin due to resistance of insulin at the cells (usually common in obese people) or even during pregnancy (gestational diabetes).


Top Reasons You Should Have Your Yearly Eye Exam. By Dr Kingsley Ogwumu

[post_views] The human eye is a very sensitive organ. It supplies over 70% of your sensory perception of your environment, thus helping you to appreciate your environment and perform complex tasks required for your daily work. Like every other part of the human body, your eyes need good care and health maintenance in order to …

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