Gift Of Sight


Part of being a person is about helping others.

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Eradicating Needless Blindness

Restoring sight for a brighter future

Five years ago, the Gift of Sight Initiative was created to address the critical visual needs of individuals and combat unnecessary blindness in rural and developing communities. It recognizes that visual impairments can have a profound impact on people’s lives. causing interruptions in their personal journeys. Moreover, blindness represents a substantial barrier to the social and economic progress of society.


More Regions, More Treatment,
More Capacity Development

Our Gift of Sight Initiative is embarking on an ambitious mission to expand its transformative impact across the vibrant South-South and South-Eastern regions of Nigeria.

Targets & Goals

Develop satellite vision centres across South-South and South-Eastern regions of Nigeria.

Firstly, to provide crucial eye treatments and interventions to individuals who are currently facing visual impairments,
enabling them to rediscover the world around them and live fulfilling lives.

Develop diabetic retinopathy(DR) clinic and offer DR laser treatment to the needy at affordable costs.

Secondly, we are dedicated to enhancing the capacity of our dedicated staff and doctors through continuous training and development programs, ensuring that our services continually meet and exceed international standards.


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Together, we can create a lasting impact, transforming lives and building a
brighter future through the power of vision.

Join us in this noble endeavour and be part of the journey towards
a world where everyone can see and thrive.
Together, we can make a profound difference.