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Whether you’re looking for new stylish glasses, need an eye exam, or want to order contact lenses, our Optical Shop is the place to go! Operated, with our experienced, friendly staff and comprehensive eye care services available – we’ve got you covered.  

Find the perfect glasses that complement you in the optical shop of

Centre for Sight Africa (CSA). We carry a wide selection of high-quality frames. Interested in switching to contact lenses? There are many different types of lenses and we will help find the best one for your needs and active lifestyle.

Our opticians custom fit eye glasses that correct for all prescriptions. The optical shop carries many designer frames in the latest styles. Turnaround time for most prescriptions is 3-5 business days.

Contact Lenses

Today there are many different types of contact lenses to fit nearly every individual need and lifestyle. You can be confident that our trained and experienced eye care professionals will help you find the right lenses for you: We’ll provide you with detailed advice and fit you for your contact lenses right here in our store using the latest technology.

Hard or soft: Two types of contact lenses

Hard contact lenses

These lenses are made of a very permeable material that allows your eyes to breathe so that your cornea is optimally supplied with oxygen. They are easy to use.

Soft contact lenses

These lenses are made of a water absorbing plastic and therefore fit your eye well. They take very little time to get used to.

Our Contact Lenses Includes:

  • Spherical contact lenses in stock
  • Bifocal contact lenses
  • Soft contact lenses
  • Color contact lenses
  • Patient satisfaction is our main priority and we are devoted to giving our patients’ the individual attention that they deserve.

Learn more about the different types of contact lenses we carry:

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